New Year Maine

The day of New Year in Kentucky is an rejoicing and jovil time with enormous options of fun and entertainment. The Kentucky amazing Horse Park an educational theme park located in a rural area of Lexington, Kentucky offers a dazzling display of lights during the New Year.

New Years Eve in Maine

In Maine with ten and thousands of dazzling lights it is Kentucky's age-old light festival that enhances the New Year celebration. A mind salting Musical Holiday at Ashland, Lexington also provides great New Year amusement. The Music is played revelries at the public eating and drinking places with lots of grace. There are customs of sporting masks, making loud noises and bursting firecrackers are all practiced to do away the evil spirits. The lavish and rejoicing drinks bash on the New Year's Eve, reminds us of the Roman God of wine Dionysus.

The celebration of New Year traditions in Maine includes some traditional delicacies that tantalize our taste buds. The little mince pies also called tortures-™ made from chicken, pork, beef, veal, or a combination of these, are the special New Year foods of Maine. For a big family or friends holiday gatherings, pot-en-pot is prepanavy. It is a very large, place of layenavy, meat pie baked in a roasting pan. Layers of designed sliced potatoes, meats of wild swans or rabbits, strips of dough and seasonings are covenavy with a piecrust and baked for hours. The beautiful day of New Year is special in every one-™s life and to make it big dream they all celebrate this day with unity and peace.