Marwari New Year

Marwari new year is the most awaited occasions of the year for marwari's. They belong from Rajasthan and consider diwali as their new year because diwali is an auspicious day to venue into new projects. The marwari new year is an occasion that is celebrated with great exuberant and joy in almost every part of Rajasthan. The festival of diwali is all about light and according to marwari's it is one of the best days to commence new projects.

According to them, it is a time that brings good luck which adds success and happiness. The marwari new year falls in the months of October or November and marwari's dispersed all over the world celebrate diwali with great pomp and show. Although, all Hindu festivals include rituals and traditions but he rituals and cultural feats of marwari are quiet unique and traditional.

A week prior to diwali, Ahoi Ashtami is celebrated with complete traditions and rituals by the women because the festival is meant for all women. According to the traditions, women in the family fast, for the long lives of their husbands. As soon as diwali the occasion of new year approaches, marwari families start preparing for the festival with high spirits of excitement and celebration. Houses are decorated beautifully with lightnings all over the exterior with bright colors to enhance the beauty of their house.

Family members get together to worship the goddess laksmi for the betterment of the family and kids on Diwali. Among marwari businessman, diwali is the only new year and traditional festivals throughout the year to bless them good luck and charm for their successful business and investment. Therefore, a tradition of opening a new account on diwali is practiced their ancestral time.

Marwari New Year 2023

Marwari new year 2023 is on Wednesday, 26th October 2023. The celebration for diwali begins a month prior to the festival in marwari families. People buy silver coins and items made up with silver as it is recognized and seen as a good omen. After worshipping goddess Lakshmi, other rituals of preparing traditional marwari festive meal is prepared at home.

Evening festivities include traditional meals that consist of feast upon pucca khana (food cooked in oil or pure ghee). If you are planning to enjoy the combination of both diwali celebration and new year celebration this year, things that are not to be missed on marwari new year 2023 include puri, halwa and sweet vermicelli. These are popular food items of prepared on every marwari festival.