Mayan New Year

The myan new year falls in the month of July as per the Georgian calendar. The people believed in celebrating the New Year in great joyfulness and enthusiasm. The New Year for the Mayans marked the starting of new hopes, surprises, dreams and the most essential part of all the celebrations.

The New Year is a time to bid farewell to the old year, forget the past and greeting the New Year with a sense of delight and thrill. Mayan new year is celebrated in the month of July according to the Georgian calendar. According to the calendar, it has 260 annual days and is also known as wajxaqib B'at'z.

Well, the Mayans have number of gods; therefore each different god is worshipped every year on new year. Various rituals and traditions are performed for the new year such as destroying all the old pottery and fiber mats and wearing new clothes. Well, the Mayan calendar might seem a bit confusing and complicated to some but the facts about Mayan calendar are all clear and can be easily found online.

Mayan Calendar

Mayan solar year has 360 calendar days that contain eighteen months of twenty days each. There is an extra nineteenth month of five days recognized Wayeb. There are special rituals to be executed during these nameless days. Mayans also called these extra days as 'time out of time".

It is the time to present thanks to the blessings of the old year and look forward to the positive energy of the solar cycle that is yet to begin on Mayan New Year. This is called Wajxaqib' B'at'z. The Mayans believed in worshipping different gods. The Mayans followed a custom of having their focus on various gods on New Year. The Mayans believed it to be a good symbol in making new deity and worshipping them.

The important custom of painting the entrances and equipments of the temples in blue color was an important custom that the Mayans followed. This important custom was followed as the Mayans regarded the blue color holy. Wearing New Year clothes along with family gathering, feasting, music and dancing are the other important customs that the Mayans follow on New Year. Household renewal rituals like destroying the old mud and fiber mats are main customs that the Mayans follow on New Year.