Nigeria New Year

Nigeria is the most widely populated country in the African continent and unfolds the rich history and tradition of its culture and ethnicity. New Year celebration in Nigeria is definitely a tourist paradise. The ecstasy of the populace, the true spirit of the country teamed with the charming December weather, the doted waterfalls, historical ruins, wonderful wildlife and relics, dazzling beaches makes the New Year in Nigeria an event of immense delight.

New Years Eve Nigeria

The count down of meting a new time while welcome it with utmost passion begins from the month of December and it is on the New Years Eve As the clock strikes at 12 with an immense enthusiastic hallelujah New Year in Nigeria steps in with its sheer glory and patina. The festival of New Year is celebrated worldwide and the adults as well as the children take part in the festivities associated with New Year. Nigeria that is officially recognized as the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a country in West Africa.

New Year's Eve in Nigeria is a splendid affair. On New Year's Eve in Nigeria concerts or shows takes place and these concerts and shows are famous among the citizens of Nigeria. The firecrackers that are made by the local citizens of Nigeria announces the advent of the New Year. Nigeria is perhaps one of the excellent places where the clamor of the New Year, festivity, the brilliance of the forthcoming year and the bustle of celebration reaches a zenith while offering bliss and enthusiasm an immense enunciation. One of the major traditions in Nigeria is to presents prayers at midnight. People assemble at churches and cathedrals at the stroke of the hour and present their prayers for a lucky and fruitful year ahead.