Norway New Year

New Year in Norway is a time full of celebrations, merry making and revelry. It is a time of greeting of the New Year with joy and happiness. New Year is the festive time for Norwegians who celebrates this festival with great passion and enthusiasm. The people of Norway like to greet the New Year in style and immerse themselves in the festivities.

You can enjoy here magic of winter s and beautiful unspoiled landscapes, wrapped in a white mantle of snow, create a special atmosphere for unforgettable New Year. You will feel great experience of New Year winter fantasy which will long remain vivid in your memory.

New Years Eve Norway

New Year's Eve in Norway is pretty ritual and traditional. The evening sees a customary Norwegian feast in many households. Lutefisk, though losing its fame is still a delicacy taken on this day. It is raw dried cod fish offered with caustic soda to make it palatable. The conventional lutefisk feast is complete with bacon, mashed green peas, mustard and boiled potatoes.

The old and young the alike, meet in places like discotheques and hotels to have a good time. Personal parties also see an en masse turnout, with dancing, music and heavy drinking. Norway is renowned for the amazing fireworks display. As midnight approaches, it is hard to see any person in the house, as everyone go outdoors to witness the fireworks. The variety of fireworks is mind boggling, the sky is completely lit up with a thousand colors. The toasting of the New Year begins, the moment the clock turns 12 and wishing the friends, family and neighbors starts.