Ohio New Year

Ohio, measured to be one of the most industrially advanced states located in the mid western area of United States. Like other states of U.S., New Year in Ohio is always a special time with people cheering and wishing New Year greetings with each other.

Count down to the New Year's party starts a month ahead with halls, pubs and hotels running packed houses. The state of Ohio with its exciting New Year activities and entertainment plans is surely add delight to the festive New Year mood.

New Years Eve in Ohio

New Year festival in Ohio is a time of joy marked by fun fair activities all round the state. Young boys and girls in large numbers attend the 'alcohol free new year night festivities' while some couples see it as an fortunate occasion to swap vows and tie the nuptial knot. On the New Year Eve people attend festive parties; organize open houses and lit crackle and fireworks. People look ahead the day with grand anticipation and hope.

There was as an old German-American tradition called "shooting in the New Year" that involved traveling to country land firing a few shots near a relative's home. Having split pea or lentil on the New Year's Day is also popular among the various New Year customs in Ohio. These foods tend to bring good luck to the family. Another old tradition is Bleigiessen, or lead pouring, which is done by melting a little piece of lead in a spoon and then pouring it into a bowl filled with water. New Year eve events in Ohio are observed by displaying amazing fire works and light parades.

Glittering New Year ceremony held at the official state house with eminent dignitaries presiding over the New Year open house forum. The various multi cultural traditions of the state bear's testimony to the true spirit of the state with spectacular carnivals take place at the major cities like Ashland, Bellaire and Fairborn.