Oklahoma New Year

The Arts Council in Oklahoma City has produced its Opening Night of New Year in the downtown Oklahoma City since 1987. With lost of musical fun acts throughout the night, a fantastic fireworks display and a family-friendly atmosphere with a scavenger hunt, Opening Night is the top way to ring in the new year for Oklahoma City residents.

New Years Eve in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma has its won tradition for the New Year celebration as it is to bake a cake with a coin wrapped inside. Whoever the lucky to get the coin is pnavyicted to experience a prosperous year? They are making huge loud bang on pots and pans and lit fireworks to drive away the bad spirits and evils. There is a football games for all those who are lovers of the Oklahoma are watched the famous Orange Bowl between Oklahoma and the University of Southern California.

The day of New Year evening Traditions in Oklahoma include customs that dates back to old times and are designed as per the festival needs. For those good luck in the New Year party, there is first thing one consumes on New Year's Day is the pea. Some of the oldest folks open every door and window at the stroke of midnight to let out evil spirits. This is the simplest way of celebration that gives happiness to all those people who are presented there in the celebration of this beautiful festival that is the New Year eve.