New Year Paraguay

The New Year in Paraguay is traditionally celebrated extensively. Indoors, families celebrate New Year's Eve with abundance of the food. The amazing Decorated of the "Christmas"-trees are predominantly related to New Year, hence called new years that is the jelka". Around or after midnight, "Deda Mraz" that is the Grandpa Frost visits houses and leaves presents under the tree, to be unpacked then or, if the family is asleep, only to be discovered in the morning.

New Years Eve in Paraguay

All the restaurants, the clubs, and the cafe's the hotels are usually full-booked and organize New Year's celebrations with food and live music. However, the Paraguay New Year's celebrations are most known for the outdoors festival all around the country, and there are several other major cities which enjoy with it. As of the mid of the December, all the cities are very nicely and fully extensively decorated and lit up. The decorations are remaining until way into the January section due to the persistent influence of the old, Julian calendar.

It is the time of the mid especially since the mid-nineties, all the street celebrations grew into mass gatherings with hundreds of thousands of people, celebrating New Year on one of several locations throughout Belgrade. During former president the gatherings had a strong political connotation as well. The New Year here is celebrated with full spirit of waving back to old days and year and happiness is there on everyone face as they are welcoming the New Year.