New Year Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania usually celebrates there New Year's Eve with the company of family and close friends. There is a Tradition, that the most households stage a dinner party named Media Noche in their homes. Typical dishes include the delicious pancit, Hamon, Lechon that is the roasted pig, which is usually considered as the centerpiece of the dinner table. Barbecued food is also an integral part of the menu.

New Years Eve in Pennsylvania

Among the most of the people here who follow a set of traditions that are typically observed during New Year's Eve. Included among the traditions is the customary habit of wearing clothes with circular patterns like the big polka dots, this signifies the belief that circles attract money and fortune or other colorful clothing to show enthusiasm for the coming year. Throwing on the coins at the stroke of the midnight is said to increase wealth that year as it is a believe.

These Traditions also include the serving of circularly-shaped fruits, the shaking of the coins inside a metal casserole while walking around the house, and jumping up high which is believed to cause an increase in physical height. People here also make huge loud noises by blowing on cardboard or plastic horns, that is called "torotot", banging on pots and pans or by igniting firecrackers and pyrotechnics at the stroke of midnight, in the belief that it scares away malevolent spirits and forces. The New Year is the time of old evils farewell and new energy to welcome.