Persian New Year

Persian new year is observed in Iran. New year is like a festive approach for all the Persian people. They celebrate and welcome new year by dancing, singling, eating traditional meals and conveying their love for each other on new years eve. Persian new year is also referred to as the Nowruz and is celebrated with great traditional values and cultural festivity.

Related festivity approach and the spirit of excitement o ring in the new year in style is also spread in many other parts of the world where Persians reside such as central Asia, caucuses, south Asia, north-western china, the Crimea and some groups in the Balkans. Apart from the welcome of new year, Nowruz also marks the beginning of spring and Iranian calendar.

Therefore, it is a double celebration for all the Persians. On this day, Persians also known as Iranians celebrate the coming of a new beginning with new hopes, new thoughts and ideas in a unique way. New year festivity and celebration in Iran signify the end and rebirth of a fresh beginning, a new year. The celebrations begin one day in advance but for most of the Persians, the new year preparations begin months earlier. A special festive new year feast is organised for celebrating and ringing in the new year.

Persian New Year Traditions

Persians engage themselves in cleaning their houses before in the last week of December with a traditional and aim to throw away the evil spirit and fresh a new beginning with good thoughts. On this day, Persians prepare pastries and stitch new clothes. They also germinate seeds which are considered to be a sign of renewal during new year.

Persian new year traditions are typically very attractive and alluring. Persians have a tendency to begin each auspicious occasion religiously by praying to their lord and welcoming a fresh and blessed year ahead. People from around the world travel to Iran to experience and explore the traditions and cultural events in the nation. Various live concerts, traditional programmes and shows are organised in Iran for Persian people and tourists to enjoy and ring in the new year both western style and traditional style.

Several new year dishes are prepared on this day by the Persian people and according to the traditions, Persian new year is incomplete without the cloth of seven dishes as it is a symbolic event for the new year. According to the ancient traditions, a Persian carpet is laid on the table and seven types of traditional dishes are served. As per Persian mythology, the number 7 is considered lucky. The seven dishes served are sabzeh or sprouts, samanu, seeb, senjed, seer, somaq sumac berries and serkeh.