Polish New Year

Romance, dream, cheer and passion lace the polish new year with immense buoyancy. Greeting the new year with its entire magnetism while bidding adieu to the previous one is ideally done in Poland on the 1st day of January each year. The countdown of Polish New Year however starts much earlier and it is on the New Years Eve the glamour, finesse, brilliance and the sensation of the occasion reaches its zenith.

New Year is the ideal time to celebrate the renewal of fresh hope; the revival of a never experienced time. New Year's Eve is also known as St Sylvester's Eve in Poland. There is a long lasting tradition and custom to celebrate New Year's Eve in Poland at formal balls. New Years Eve in Poland or the Sylwester in the local language is illustrated with formal ball followed by a tasty dinner. As the clock ring at 12 the entire Poland greeting the New Year with much cheer where enthusiasm plays the major part. Exchanging gifts and wishing luck, masquerade ball, tasty lavish food and chic wines on the first day of the year makes the day an eventful memoir of sheer excitement.

Another vital individuality of the Polish New Year Day is the baking of bread. Bread is baked everywhere in Poland and different animals like the sheep, rabbits, cows etc are shaped from the dough in order to assure wealth and good luck. Tradition, beliefs, rituals teamed with ecstasy and fun makes the Polish New Year a true event of immense energy. At the very midnight many people opening the bottle of champagne and wishing each other happy New Year.