New Year Portugal

In Portugal, many of the traditions are very similar to the ones from other countries, with an over-emphasis in traditions that supposedly will bring good luck in the year forthcoming. Those who are willing and need to find love in the New Year are supposed to wear red underwear on New Year's Eve; those who want some money must have a bill of high value when toast, those who want to travel must go out home while carrying some luggage, and so on. The sign as yellow underwear is worn to bring happiness in the New Year.

New Years Eve in Portugal

The Portugal is the listed in the in history and the culture, with medieval villages, the beautiful unique architecture, quaint fishing towns, boundless countryside and miles of golden sandy beaches. Not only is the culture its traditions also counted as the best part of this place. The New Year is the time when you can see the best example of traditional touch of Portage and the people over here are knee to.

In the restaurant the menus are printed in two languages that is the Catalan that is the indication by its red and yellow horizontal striped national flag and the Portage itself. Unlike the many places in the Portugal and elsewhere, the Portugal itself, is manufactured tourist destination. The place is steeped in tradition and culture all around, an identity established over hundreds of years. Every time and every year here is beginning of love and prosperity no matters what the time is.