Portuguese New Year

Portuguese new year is the most awaited and widely celebrated occasions in the country. Portugal, being a westernmost country of mainland Europe which is divided into two great metropolitan urban areas, the greater metropolitan area of Porto and the greater metropolitan area of Lisbon celebrates new year with great pomp and show. People in the country take this occasion as one of the most important one and practise all the important traditions on this day celebrating the beginning of a new year in western style as well.

Where some families organise new year parties and enjoy the grand welcome with their loved ones, others plan trip to their favourite destination and explore out the festive approach in different countries across the world. Though, fireworks are a part of celebration everywhere on special occasions but the firework display in the Portugal is worth watching. So, if you are planning to visit Portuguese this season, do not forget to catch up the events such as live concerts, shows and much more in the city. Events have been trending up and have today, become a prominent medium of entertainment. Added live performances by celebrities and popular personalities in the concerts add an extra touch of thrill and excitement to the overall celebration.

New Years Eve Portugal

New years is a special time of the year when friends, family and relatives gather and welcome a fresh year ahead with new thoughts, new hopes, ambitions, aims and ideas. Portugal is a renowned tourist destination known for its cultural and traditional celebrations which also apply on new year's. New years eve in Portugal is the most awaited. It is a grand celebration in the city and with the arrival of new years, everyone in Portugal, begins a year with fresh minds and new resolutions to be completed to lead a successful life ahead. Everyone cheer out loud and enjoy the toast of thrill with their loved ones wishing each other and conveying their warm new year wishes.

The tradition of sending across new year gifts is also very common. Residents and tourists in the city dance at great music enjoy food, drinks and sing exclusive songs to make it a memorable and grand celebration whereas the rest of them still prefer staying back at their homes with their loved ones due to heavy winters. On new year morning, children in Portuguese gather at one place and make a visit to all the neighbourhood houses while singing special songs as this is considered to be a good luck message for everyone. Few such traditions add an excite to the tourists willing to explore the popular rituals and traditions practised in the city. As a mark of love, these kids also gift sweets and coins, kissing one another and blessing each other for the beginning of a new year.