New Year Puerto Rico

New Year celebrates in Puerto Rico with big, big New Year parties and parrandas. Parrandas are like going Christmas caroling from house to house. On New Year, people wear brand new attire, and some go to visit relatives and watch new year program on t.v. until 12:00 a.m. At that time, some make a large circle and pray giving God thanks for the year that has past and for the new year.

They give kisses and big hugs to everyone. Some also dress in white attires for "good luck". New Year's Eve in Puerto Rico is an ideal time of celebration with family members, relative and friends. The most significant custom that is associated with New Year, before the New Years Eve celebrations starts is the cleaning of the inside as well as the outside of the house as the citizens of Puerto Rico faith, that the condition in which they would greeting the New Year, that is the condition that would prevail with them in the coming year.

Puerto Rico citizen decorate their homes for the eve of New Year with different kinds of lights, streamers, balloons, silver and golden accents, different kinds of ribbons and other various decorative items that different from each other in their structure, form as well as color. The display of fireworks is a most important part of the celebrations on New Year's Eve in Puerto Rico.

The most imperative tradition that is associated with the festivity of New Year's Eve in Puerto Rico, is the starting of the eating of twelve grapes by the people of Puerto Rico, when there are only twelve seconds left for the coming of the New Year as it is believed by the citizens of the Puerto Rico, that those people who would be able to complete those twelve grapes by midnight, good luck would stay with them for the rest of the year.