New Year Romania

The big celebration of the New Year's Eve in the country side of the Romania has a totally traditional flavor. The Romanians welcome the New Year eve with the customs, rituals and conventions that have been around for centuries.

On this day children's as well as the adults, take part in the joyous celebrations with great enthusiasm. On this day of the New Year's Eve in Romania, small school going children sing Plugusorul and Sorcova. The songs wishing all the good luck, happiness and success are sung.

New Years Eve in Romania

The Romania has the stopover in an area which is dubbed the roof of Romania. In the time of winter, the Balea Lake area, in the Fagaras Mountains, the Southern Carpathians is visited by a large number of tourists. Most of them are very nicely attracted by the Ice Hotel. This is the time of the year; it is a true work of art, made of ice.

Some of the tourists here are even tried to test their resistance to cold, choosing to stay overnight in that exquisite hotel. The most attraction is the ice church on this day. This is the year that a small church has been built in the close vicinity of the Ice Hotel. It will only be open to the public as of the January the 13th. The Ice Hotel has been fully booked, but you can still find accommodation at the Balea Lake Chalet. A three night stay at New Year, HB and festive dinner included, costs 179 Euros per person.