New Year Russia

The day of New Year in Russia is celebrated on the day of 1 January, the first day of the Gregorian calendar. In the earlier times, the New Year was celebrated in the month of September.

New Years Eve in Russia

In the most of the Russians celebrate New Year's Eve with their friends and the families including old close friends. This New Year celebration usually starts one or two hours before it struck to the midnight and the common tradition is to "say farewell to the old year" by remembering most important events of the last twelve months. There is a way as the tradition to listen to the Kremlin clock bell that is the 'Kuranty' the ringing twelve times on the radio or on TV.

During these the last 12 seconds on this day of the year people keep silence and make their secret wishes for the next year. After that they all share the drink champagne and have rich dinner, watching TV concerts and having fun. Some people like to start of with the fireworks outside and visiting their friends and neighbors. As the day of 30th and 31st of the December are marked s the working days, a lot of people also have small parties at work, though 31 December is mostly spent at home or with friends.

There is an old saying or we can say the superstition that if the first visitor that will be especially unexpected one on this 1st of January is a man, the year will be good. The People also try to start this fresh New Year without debts with them of past year.