Slovakia New Year

The day of the New Year is celebration in Slovakia is incomplete without the rather overdone and outdated yet somehow queer and funny New Year customs and traditions.

New Years Eve in Slovakia

The day of New Year Traditions in the Slovakia have become a mandatory part of the New Year celebration adding more fun and rhythm to the New Year festival. Have a very amazing glance on some of the interesting New Year Traditions in Slovakia. The designed Masks and Parades are very common New Years Events of Slovakia. While the noise of singing, dancing and clapping the costumed characters visit from one house to the other, where they're treated with foods and drinks. In many other different parts of Slovakia, performers walk around in a procession carrying wooden swords wound in a closed chain. This is the custom reminds of the ancient sword dance symbolizing the eternal cycle of life.

The Slovakians have enjoyed using a variety of noisemakers on New Year holiday. On this Favorite among them is a wooden ratchet or rehtacka . These are come in many sizes, with loud clattering sounds. The amazing loud Firecrackers are lit to welcome in the New Year and drive out evil spirits with loud noises and sparkling, flashing pyrotechnics. The amazing new shape the lead takes into after hardening is interpreted to pnavyict the ensuing year. For just an instance, if the lead forms a ball it means luck will roll ones way. The different shape of an anchor means help in need but a cross signifies impending death.