New Year in Spain

Spain celebrates new year with ultimate glitters and joy. Every city has its own style and sense of celebrating new years eve and many cultures have different foods that they relish with their loved ones on the dining table on new years day celebrating a joyous family time together and welcoming a new year with new hopes, thoughts, goals and aspirations. New year in Spain is one of the most admired occasions as it is the much a waited occasion celebrated with loads of pomp and grandeur. Spanish new year is known as ‘Nochevieja' observed on January 1 when people in the state dance, eat, drink and watch the ultimate lightning effects in the sky produced via breathtaking fireworks to mark new year.

Several events and parties are also organised in spain for people of all ages. Therefore, people from all around the world travel to spain and enjoy a cheerful time with their loved ones. Love couples specially, admire this destination and celebrate the long awaited occasion of new year enhancing and adding some extra special moments into their journey of life. Hours of fun and partying with your loved ones gives you some cheerful and celebratory precious moments to spend with.

New year is an occasion that welcomes new year with massive fireworks along with a toast at the midnight tour. The tradition of preparing delicious meals on the first day of the year is very prominent in the city of spain. During the new year season, Spanish people stay in their houses with their family members and enjoy a private meal together with their loved ones, chatting and enjoying delicious delicacies on the dinner table.

New Years Traditions in Spain

New year, being the much awaited occasion in spain and all other parts of the world is celebrated with great spirit of enthusiasm and joy. Spain people share a good time together with their loved ones. The traditions in the state of Spain are quiet unique among which the most popular is that the king of spain would give grapes to eat on the occasion of new year after the grape harvest took place. Another, renowned tradition is the Madrid Puerta del Sol. Grapes are symbolised as a good luck symbol and has its own significance in the history of Spain.

On the other hand, a tradition of eating twelve grapes on every stroke of clock is also very popular in Spain. These ancient traditions are practised throughout spain and other parts of the world where spain people reside. Certainly, the twelve grapes tradition is practised as soon as the clocks rounds to twelve. These 12 grapes represent the 12 months of the whole year.