Suriname New Year

Suriname is a beautiful country which situated in the northern part of South America and it borders in the east by French Guyana. Suriname is rich in culture which is regarded as diverse and versatile. This country has different cultures and unique mix of cultures, races and people. Suriname is considered as the place of many festivals. People of Suriname celebrate new year with lot passion and enthusiasm. The day is usually filled with dance, music, laughter, and drinking.

New Years Eve Suriname

New Year's Eve in Suriname is known as Oud jaar (Owru Yari), or "old year". New Years Eve in Suriname is celebrated with great full of passion. On the eve of New Year, the people of Suriname welcome each other and spend time with their family members friends and relatives. In order to celebrate New Year, in Suriname people book tickets as well as hotels in advance as people from all over the world meet at this place to spend their New Year. The houses, streets, the public as well as the commercial buildings of Suriname are decorated with colourful lights to welcome the New Year.

In Suriname, at this time of the year, numerous shows and concert take place throughout and that are popular among the people of Suriname. Many people on New Year's Eve in Suriname make a trip to the Brownsburg Nature Reserve (area of trail-covenavy wildlife-dense tropical rainforest) and Central Suriname Nature Reserve that is renowned for its abundant wildlife, ecosystems, geological formations and waterfalls. At midnight every family lights the dummy on fire. As the statue is burnt the firecrackers burst out with the cheers and loud merrymaking from the crowd.