Swaziland New Year

Swaziland is a mere 17000 square kilometers in area. It is a small country in Africa consisting of four regional districts namely Hhohho, Manzini, Lubombo and Shiselweni. The country is practically, rich in its culture and offers an extraordinary scenic beauty including wildlife. Well, the kingdom of Swaziland might be small in size but the Swaziland new year is popular for its cultural forms and activities.

New year is the only occasion celebrated in every corner of the world with great pomp and show, no matter how small or widely populated the country is and despite of the community, caste, religion or ethnicity, new year is widely celebrated as one of the important festivals of the year. Visiting Swaziland on new years is a worthwhile experience. So, if you are interested to explore out a new country and find out some interesting celebratory experience, exploring out Swaziland can be real fun and real celebration on new year.

Like any other country celebrating new year, Swaziland is all prepared to rock on 2023 new year in its unique and thrilling style. The country has been in the limelight for the reed festival which is conducted by the king annually. Every festival and occasion celebrated in Swaziland is becoming a major attraction to people all over the world because of its unique cultural and traditional touch that combines both elegance and ethnicity.

In Swaziland, new year is an auspicious occasion as it marks the harvest festival which is called Newala or first fruits ceremony. This ceremony takes place at the end of every year and consists of many events that last for long one month. Celebration is quiet huge and the traditional feat is a must watch for everyone at least once in a lifetime.

New Years Eve Swaziland

New year eve Swaziland has been a worth while experience for every visitor. Therefore, many people who consider celebrating the new year in traditional way choose to visit Swaziland for a memorable and finest celebratory experience. For adventure lovers, Swaziland is an excellent place to enjoy hiking, traveling along the mountain trail, whitewater rafting, mountain biking and sightseeing.

This is surely going to be an ultimate fervor experience for adventure lovers. Additionally, nature lovers, people who love more of traditional stuff can enjoy wondering around and exploring out a different sight of the country on new year, because this is the occasion when the country comes out with combination of both traditionalism and fun.