Swedish New Year

The chill of the white snow, the snow kissed street of Sweden greetings the first dawn of the year on the 1st day of January every year. The Swedish New Year frequently coincides with a bout of ice-cold weather.

Swedes are tending to celebrate the New Year by inviting a few close friends at home, and many welcome the forthcoming year in front of their television sets. New Year is an ideal time when people enjoy having fun and merriment. On New Year the customs play an essential role for the people of Sweden.

New Years Eve Swedish

New Year's Eve in Sweden is the big carnival. The most important event held on New Year's Eve in Sweden is that the Sweden people assemble at the Skansen which is open-air museum in Stockholm capital of Sweden, to witness the recitation of the poem Ring Out, Wide Bells that has been compose by Tennyson who was English poet and this tradition of reciting the poem just before the arrival of the New Year goes back to the year 1895.

At midnight of new year you can see shivering Swedes, up to their knees in heavy snow, toasting one another in champagne and firing off rockets. Swedish people observe a custom of drinking wine and watching fireworks on New Year. New Year resolutions is also an very important part in Swedish culture and New Year custom observed by the people of Sweden on New Year although no one keeps up the resolutions taken on New Year.

The Swedish follow the custom of going to church and present prayers on New Year. They also go to smargasbords and drink spicy tasty glogg. The people in Sweden are light candles at arrival and pay respect to a white-clad Lucia. New Year is an ideal time when people enjoy having fun and partying.