Swiss New Year

The people of Switzerland welcome New Year with the full of zeal and enthusiasm as people from all countries of the world. Switzerland is a dream holiday spot for each dweller in the globe. Every year, plenty of tourists from various parts of the world come to Switzerland to explore its mesmerizing natural beauty. New Year in Switzerland is the perfect time of the year when you can feel magic, charm and color.

New Years Eve at Swiss Valley

Swiss New Year is also recognized as the old Sylvester's Day and is the time to greeting the freshness of the coming with a lot of glee and cheer. The entire populace welcome the coming year which represent rebirth of hope and optimism; regeneration of life and relation. When the clock arrived 12 at 31st December, the streets in Switzerland become crowded with people. They shout at the top of their voice, dance and enjoy the new year. People go through the streets dressed in costumes and hats symbolize good and evil spirits.

In Switzerland people faith good luck comes from letting a drop of cream land on the floor New Years Day. This is for new year bring overflowing abundance. Relatives and friends on this particular day visit each other's house and present various types of gifts. Food is also a vital part of New Year celebration in Switzerland. Cleaning of the houses, exchanging of gifts, elaborate dinner with families and friends is all part of the exciting Swiss New Year. On 31 December the largest fireworks attraction takes place all over the Switzerland. The Swiss people have grand respect for their tradition and culture and while celebrating New Year they remain glued to their age-old cultural customs and beliefs.