Taiwanese New Year

New Year is the ideal time when Taiwan's air is completely filled with joy ecstasy and rejuvenation. With the colorful decoration, in the middle of blissful ecstasy New Year comes in Taiwan with is complete glamour and allure.

New Year is looked as the perfect time to begin something; to greeting the new renewal of days in every sphere of life. Taiwanese New Year is similar the Chinese New Year is the event to usher out the degenerated year whilst welcoming the freshness of the coming year with pure enthusiasm.

New Years Eve Taiwan

The New Year eve is a time for party and celebration, and just about everywhere you go there are bound to be celebrations. New Year's Eve is farewell to the old year and thanking one's ancestors and the gods for their protection and blessing. Children who have not their homes come back on this day to share New Year's Eve Dinner with their families and friends, and for those not able to make the journey, a table setting is placed to symbolize their presence in spirit if not in body. At the end of dinner, the elder and parents give New Year's money to the children, who have been waiting with growing anticipation for this moment to arrive.

With the arrival of New Year's Day, life is renewed and the New Year starts to the noise of firecrackers. The Taiwanese starts the new year day by worshipping their ancestors, following which the streets become filled with people making New Year's visits to all near and dear with the lively display of lion dancing, dragon dancing and other folk activities. Taiwan people celebrated new year with immense Passion and rituals to ensure prosperity, wealth, luck and health for the coming year.