Telugu New Year

Ugadi marks the advent of the Telugu New Year. The name of the festival derived from "Yuga Aadi" which means New Age. According to the Chandramana system (Shalivahana Shaka), Telugu New Year falls on Chaitra Shuddha Prathipade. It is the first day of the lunar calender. Like any other religion, Telugu New Year celebrations also has a fable behind it.

Hindu mythology says Lord Brahma, created universe on Chaitra Shuddha Prathipade. Since then, this day is celebrated as a New Year's day.Ugadi revelry are also blessed with Vasanth Ruthu (spring). chanting of birds and fruit laden trees. It is considered an auspicious time to business enterprise into new projects.It symbolize new life with blooming of fresh flowers.

People of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka begin New Year arrangements a week before the festival. They clean their houses and surrounding areas at the same time as decorate it with mango leaves. Shopping for Ugadi gifts, new clothes and other objects are done with a lot of fervor. Most of the citizens exchange gifts like silk saree, dhoti, pootarelullu and sweets like kaja, pala kova etc. On the Ugadi day, people get up early in the morning, apply coconut oil to their bodies, take a head bath and be dressed in new clothes. Then they visit nearby temple to offer prayers to God, chant mantras and listen to Panchanga Sravanam. Priests or expert forecasts new events of the year and make populace aware of the coming situations.