USA New Year

The day of New Year in United States includes many parades like Tournament of Roses, Orange Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl. Americans also enjoy watching out if not participating in the Tournament of Roses parade.

New Years Eve in USA

The Preparations for this New Year eve in United States start right from the Christmas. The Following the Gregorian calendar, in the Americans celebrates the New Year on 1st January. From people who watching television to masquerade balls, Americans have different ways to celebrate the New Year. The day of New Year celebrations in New York are known as the world-over, so if you are planning to go on Tour to United States during New Year time, do just make it a point to watch the New Year in New York.

The New Year is the Day in United States begins with the people visiting their dear friends and families. On the New Year celebration the United States doesn't mean only feasting and making marrying, the Americans too pay a visit to the Churches and aim at marking a religious start of the New Year.

A most common and the image associated with the New Year in United States is the incarnation of "Father Time", also known as the "Old Year" wearing a sash across his chest with the print of the previous year on it passing his duties to the "Baby New Year", an infant are wearing a small sash with the New Year printed on it and colorful designs.