USSR New Year

New Year is one of the favorite USSR festive occasions. New Year in Russia is celebrated on January 1, as per the Gregorian calendar. The frosty shininess of the morning snow, the shine of the white snow at the maple trees teamed with the pleasant warmth of the Russians greets the New Year day with an unmatched passion and fervor. USSR New Year carnival is the occasion to welcome the new time, to greet the never experienced freshness in every sense of the term.

New Years Eve USSR

USSR new year eve is the occasion of merriment and celebration. Russian celebrated the new year with much pomp and energy. People from all over the world gather in Russia become the part in the celebrations associated with New Year's Eve in Russia. Greeting of the goodtime with hope and optimism whilst bidding bye to the closed year is the fundamental idea of the USSR New Year where passion and zeal are given an additional mass. New Year is a family holiday and people meet with families and friends to enjoy the verve of the day while celebrating it amidst plush food and elegant wines. Well decorated Christmas tree during New Year increase to the glamour of the day. They also decorated large trees in the centers of the major cities.

At the nightclubs as well as pubs the drinking competitions held that are particularly organized for New Year's Eve. Parties, champagnes, and the giving of presents are strongly connected to the New Year's Eve celebrations in Russia. The Russian people cook special meals at home for friends and relatives or they go out to have dinner in the restaurants that present special food for the occasion of New Year. Without display the fireworks the new year eve celebrations in Russia is incomplete. As the chime Clock reached 12, at the Tower Of Kremlin people say everyone happy new year. New year is ensure new time in the coming year welcomes the USSR New Year with much passion.