New Year Vermont

The New Year celebration in Vermont, New England is a splendid time with snow on the ground and goodwill on the ear. The White and charming Colonavy lights adorn houses, shops and restaurants in Vermont. There are various exciting vibrant arts and community events mark the New Year celebration in Vermont.

New Years Eve in Vermont

It is a myth that all these events are said to arise from the various New Year Traditions in Vermont practiced by the early folks. Some very popular New Year Traditions in Vermont are described below like the First Night celebration. It is the most fabulous First Night is a cultural celebration on New Years Eve night that features native music, dance, comedy and arts. the First Night celebration is an age-old New Year tradition in Vermont.

All the Groups of various musicians, dancers and other performers bring Vermont's capital city, Montpelier, to life during the annual First Night celebration. A group and family oriented program of alcohol-free celebration takes place in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Mardi Gras Extravaganza - Magic Hat's Mardi Gras celebration in Burlington is the largest Mardi Gras celebration in New England.

There is a long routed parade that consists of over thirty floats of which the more interesting are a giant pink pig, a rock climber's wall and Ben and Jerry's Sundae Night Fever.Other the celebration of the New Year Traditions in Vermont include kissing at midnight, lighting fireworks, making loud noise, consuming black-eyed peas etc. there are Some of these traditions are practiced to drive off the evil spirit while some others to bring in good luck.