Welsh New Year

All the European countries New Year brings the joy of greeting a full new time in Wales. The typical European culture clubbed with customary beliefs and rituals make their presence felt in the perfect aura of Welsh New Year carnival. New Year in Wales is ideal time to welcome the forthcoming year and according to the deep traditional beliefs of the country New Year signifies the new life and optimism or a better tomorrow.

New Years Eve Welsh

Luxurious feasting and amusement lace the Welsh New Year which is the time of suspending the farm works. Welsh New Year therefore mark the more crop production in the coming year and this symbolization is further complemented with an age old tradition of placing a plough under the dining table of the house to indicate the arrival of winter and the suspension of farm works. Welsh New Year starts with a festive mood and apart from elegant dinner, rabbit and squirrel hunting and with other flamboyant activities Wales welcome the first day of the year with immense romance and passion. The new year eve celebrations begins with a fantastic five-course candlelit dinner.

The azure of the limiting sky of Wales reflects the lights of the church as the churches are ablaze with lights. Welsh New Year is completely traditional festivals of colors and lights and is the perfect moment of greeting the fresh time with extreme vigor. Exchanging of gifts, cleaning of the house and offering praying further adjoins to the majesty of the occasion where the expression glee gains a huge diction.