Zimbabwe Cricket Team

The national cricket team representing Zimbabwe is recognized as the Zimbabwe Cricket Team and was formerly identified as the Zimbabwe Cricket Union. World Cup history of the Zimbabwe team is not very long and profound, yet the team can boast of having played in six version of the tournament.
Zimbabwe were not qualified to play in the 1975 and 1979 World Cups as the country was not a member of the ICC. The 1987 World Cup saw once again first round exit from Zimbabwe. They could not repeat their earlier performance at the World Cup and finished the tournament without any wins. The 1992 World Cup was as much of a tragedy for Zimbabwe.

They finished last at the tournament and once again completely failed to win a any match. In the 1996 World Cup, Zimbabwe once again did not clear the first round. They however won their match against Kenya, registering their only one win in the entire competition. The 1999 World Cup was slightly better for Zimbabwe and they finished the tournament at fifth rank. The Zimbabwe highlights themselves was them beating India by three runs in a league match. They also beaten Kenya.

Zimbabwe got the sixth position in the 2003 World Cup. They played well to finish over stronger sides England and Pakistan in their group. In the 5 matches they played, they lost 2 and won 3. World cup cricket 2007 was also very disappointed one for Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe was first round exit in this world cup.
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