Australia Cricket Team

Australia is a big team in the world of cricket. This team has world's strongest players. Australia's cricket team has trust in the concept that cricket as a sport can only have appeal to fans and participants when the values of the game are firmly established at both the local and the global levels. The English Cricket Team, along with Australian Cricket Team is the very old Cricket Team in the world.
Having played their opening match in 1877, the Australian Cricket Team has so far played 625 ODIs and 682 Tests. The Australian cricket team has been a dreadful side from a long time. Always one of the better sides in world cricket, the Australians have performed extremely well over the years. The current World Champions, Australia has won the World Cup title of four times and is made the hat trick, having won the championship in 1999, 2003 and 2007. They had formerly won it in 1987.

They are presently rated number one in all the cricket ratings in the globe, official and unofficial, in all forms of the game. The last cricket world cup was took place in West Indies in the year 2007. This was won by Australia, who defeated Sri Lanka by 53 runs, this World Cup was contested by 16 teams. The Australian cricket team is recognized for its dedication, professionalism and a complete commitment to hard work. With all this and a pool of talented players, the team can only be predictable to perform better in the years to come.
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