West Indies Cricket Team

The West Indies team's make World cup history is one of the most envious in the world. They have the honor of being the first country to win the desired tournament. However, though they got the opening edition of the World cup and the second one as well, they have not been success to win the tournament again.
1975 World Cup: In the 1975 World Cup, West Indies were the irresistible favorites and so it was hardly a shock that they won the tournament. The West Indian team won the World Cup in 1975 by beating Australia in the finals, under the captaincy of Clive Lloyd.

1979 World Cup : West Indies almost carried the superior form of the 1975 World Cup into the 1979 World Cup and again won the championship repeatedly for the second time. They were again present the best team in the tournament and beat England by 92 runs in the final. Clive Lloyd again the winning captain lifted the trophy.

1983 World Cup : West Indies approximately succeeded in making a clean sweep for the third time in the 1983 World Cup, but India were defeated the West Indies in final.

1987 World Cup : After three wonderful world Cups, West Indies completely disappointed everyone in the 1987 World Cup by not even qualify for the semifinals. 1992 World Cup : The 1992 World Cup was yet another dissatisfaction for West Indies and they once again completely failed to succeed for the semis.

1996 World Cup : In the 1996 World Cup, West Indies bettered their performance slowly and successful to reach the semifinals, where they were defeated by Australia.

1999 World Cup : West Indies once again put up a poor performance in the 1999 World Cup and had a first round out the ground after failing to qualify for the super six stage.

2003 World Cup : The 2003 World Cup was also no better with West Indies making a round exit yet again.

2007 World Cup : The 2007 world cup hosting by West Indies and world cup tournament for the first time ever and this makes it important for them to show remarkable performance but West Indies had not successful win the world cup title.

Though the West Indies have not been able to present too well in the past few World Cups, they would definitely look to go into world Cup 2012 with a positive set of mind.
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