When is Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a most observed holiday of United State America. However it has celebrated also in other countries but it is festival especially of US. As an official holiday of country, Columbus Day has celebrated each year on the 2nd Monday in October. The day is dedicated to Christopher Columbus who was the first European native discovered the new world named as Americas. The people across the USA celebrate the day dedicated on the country because it has changed the course of history. The first celebration was took place in 1492 and it marked the 500th anniversary of Columbus day in 1992.

If Americans celebrate the discovery day of their country, it is due to Columbus because he had given very big contribution in discovering of US. Americans might not have a Columbus Day today. Italian natives of New York City are very proud to their natives and they had first celebrated of the day on 12 October 1866. As celebrated on second Monday in October, several of activities and holidays events are observed on this day. Banquets, parades and dances are usually hosted by locals and grandly host the street fairs including colorful costumes, music and Italian food etc.

Columbus day completely depicts the Italian-American heritage and cultures. Are you looking for when is Columbus day and need to know what day the date will fall? Here, we try to provide complete and precise dates of the celebration that described in the chart given below. You can find dates for 3 to 4 years simultaneously.

YearColumbus Day / Date
2023October 10, Monday