When is Passover

Passover is festival of Jewish settlement, most observed and holy holidays. It depicts the stories of Israelites appears in Hebrew bible, first occurs in ancient Egypt when Joseph, son of the patriarch Jacob who was the founder of one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Jews culture observe Passover as a weeklong festival with several of significant activities, rituals that includes most famous Passover meals known as Seders, the changeover of matzo for bread and retelling of the evacuation story. Usually, Jews people leavened food products used in cooking in this scared rituals, before staring of holidays. They also eat a kind of flatbread called matzo, normally available in market and they also cooked themselves.

Families and friends get together on the first two night of Passover for devout food, Seder with narrating aloud the story of the exodus from a special text called the Haggadah, the ritual related to diverse aspects of the story are also performed. As the festival of several of sacred activities, children also play a role in Seder, expect to take part in many others customs. During the night at meal, young child used to narrate four question as well as many family unit also take pleasure in taking part in this customary hunt for a piece of matzo, hidden before time in the sunset.

Our when is Passover section tells about exact dates of Passover, usually falls on 15th day of the Nisan month and observed for seven or eight days in the spring time of Northern Hemisphere. Do you need to know exact dates of Passover, we provide the chart of festival precisely that help you to know exact dates the Passover falls every year.

YearPassover Day / Date
2023Friday, 15 April