When is St. Patrick's Day

Cultural and Religious holidays of Christian, Saint Patrick's Day has different significance and it has celebrated on March 17 each year. It is a most sacred and ancient festival that commemorates between AD 387 and 461 in the memory of patron saint Ireland that was also a time of arrival of Christianity. It is especially a celebration of Irish cultures and day began with the visiting of Church.

Attendance to churches, clothing of green attire, parades, hanging out Lenten etc are most popular traditions during the St. Patrick's Day. People of all settings including US, Canada and Australia celebrate the day with great enthusiasm. The other countries like Japan, Singapore and Russia also features this festive day.

St. Patrick's Day was traditionally a religious occasions and Irish law authorized the celebration of this holidays on March 17 each year. Once time, Irish government was started a nationalized movement to use attention in St. Patrick's Day to drive tourisms and display of Ireland and its culture to the entire world. Today, the day have high significant and most people around the world attracted during this sacred days of Ireland. As one million people generally walk in Ireland during St. Patrick's Day, a multiday festivity includes parades, concerts, outside theater creations and fireworks shows.

It is great time for merrymaking and you have also opportunity to enjoy this celebration. Find exact dates of celebration in the chart provided by us to help people to know when is St. Patrick's Day in particular year. You can find also the day of this sacred day year by year with exact dates. Find also lots about St. Patrick's Day.

YearPatrick's Day / Date
2023Thursday, 17 March