When is Canadian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, called also as Thanksgiving Day, is a celebration of harvest and welcoming good fortune. The day signifies harvest season, observed on second Monday of October each year. First time, Canadian thanksgiving was held in Canada, founded by Martin Frobisher in 1578.

It was celebrated during last October or starting of November but after announcement of Canadian parliament, it has celebrated annually on second Monday of October month. It is also an accepted time to start weekend autumn holiday and it is also a last time for most people to use holiday homes earlier than winter sets in.

Canadian Thanksgiving Day is celebrated frequently as three day thanksgiving weekend because people used to trip to family or friends. Most especially take leave from work and all schools and offices are closed. Shops, store and other business organization are also closed on this day. People usually get ready an extraordinary meal to eat during long weekend. Several of traditional foods are cooked on this day includes roast turkey, seasonal foods like corn ears, pumpkin and pea nuts. The meal also consist other kinds of foods as non-European dishes.

Thanksgiving Day in Canada is fashionable times for people to get together with family. If you want to gather information on when is Canadian thanksgiving, we offers the complete chart that shows the exact dates of thanksgiving day, the day of second Monday falls. You can find also dates year by year with our given chart that help you to know the dates for particular year. Find also more information about this harvest festival of Canada.

YearCanadian Thanksgiving Day / Date
2023Monday, October 10