When is The first day of Fall - Autumn

September is a month when the first day of fall occurs. It is a month carries the last day of summer and represents the beginning of winter season. The first day of fall - autumn season appears in the US and other northern hemisphere regions when the sun traverses the outer space equator moving southward. The day mainly falls on 22nd or 23rd September and also recognized as Autumnal Equinox.

The common belief is that the earth is further from the sun during the winter season and sun rises directly in the east and sets directly in the west on the first day of fall. Apart from these facts, it is a time to celebrate the fall and harvest festival. People around US and northern hemisphere celebrated the festival as they feel the end of winter season and coming of great winter. The scenery throughout the region of North America noiselessly blows up with exciting colors and the leaves start to go down from the tress.

The falls of leaves really provides everlasting hours of jumping for kids as well as parents. The first day of fall festival is really a most charming moment for people and gives them a festive time lasts until spring. If you want to enjoy such moments in northern hemisphere regions, you will find truly lots of fun by driving throughout hills and forest alight in fall color. Here we listed the dates on first day of fall that help to find exact dates of festivals year by year. Know about when is the first day of fall from 2024 to 2024.

YearNorthern Hemisphere Fall - Autumn begins on ...
2023Friday, September 23