When is Super Bowl Sunday

Super bowl Sunday is a major part of American holidays that is especially celebrated on first Sunday of February month. It is cultural holidays of us and major amount of people gather to watch the bowl game function during the holiday. It is an event especially known also for large food amount of food.

As an annual TV programs, most part of US also make merry the day of super bowl Sunday with great enthusiasm. It is not an official holiday but also considered as a holiday because several families and friends get together in one concerts and enjoy the day by watching games and eating ranges of foods. Stores turn as empty during the games because of gatherings are enthusiastically involved in enjoy delicious dishes.

As a festival of food, huge amounts of foods are gathered during the day, it is also known for one of the largest food festival of US. People usually enjoy the food along with different kinds of traditional wines as well as watching the popular games of super bowl. Churches are close during afternoon for this super bowl Sunday and most churches around the US also host the parties and evangelize on the day of festival.

Do you want to know deeply about super bowl Sunday; we provide here complete information about this festival as well as dates. You can find about when is super bowl Sunday as we described here dates of this annual festival year by year. With our chart, you can know exact dates of particular year.

Here's a chart that shows what day Super Bowl Sunday is celebrated from 2024 - 2024.

YearSuper Bowl Sunday / Date
2023February 13