When is Flag Day

Flag day is a most significant day of US when entire American celebrate adoption day of flag by showing respect to the flag as well as its makers and designs. Flag is a major symbol of USA that was originally authorized by American Congress on June 14, 1777. Since then, the flag day has celebrated every year on June 14th.

It has 13 stripes including 7 red and 6 white, and 50 white stars in a blue field, which represents different meaning. There have different version of flag adopted but the real format has remained same. Celebration of flag day goes through a week and people around the nation sincerely remember the loyalty to the nation. Several of holidays activities held during the day. Most people display the flag on their homes in honoring of these days.

The popular activities are flag hoisting rituals, flag day services, school quizzes and essay contest relating to American flag along with musical salutes, street parades and award ceremonies for special recognition such all things are greatly observed on this day. It is a nationwide observance throughout the country. In some parts of US, it is legal holidays. Do you want to be part of flag day in US? Have you desire knowing the exact date of this celebration? Here is a complete chart given below that explains what day flag day is celebrated from 2023 to 2023. Our when is flag day section helps to plan for the celebration accurately. Find also complete details and history about this major celebration of USA.

YearFlag Day / Date
2023June 14, Tuesday