When is Christmas

Christmas is a religious and cultural festival, celebrated every part of the world. People especially of Christian community observed the day with numerous traditions and rituals and celebrated in the memory of Jesus Christ. December 25th, the fix date of celebration, when the festival is observed. Christmas is celebrated worldwide in different manner, differ by country and regions but the enthusiasm amongst the people is same.

The celebration includes several of traditions as spending time with family, decorating home, shopping, and visiting to church. Spending with family is most admired traditions amongst the people because they gather with family members and spend some memorable time forgetting all worries and enjoy the delicious Christmas dinner.

Apart from such traditions, several of activities are held by people such as gift giving, partying, shopping gifts or costumes, playing gifts and many others. Children are involved in sharing gift each other that Santa Clause brought for them. Christmas songs, poems and carols are so popular and most accepted traditions normally arranged in the schools and parties. It is a sacred time for people and involved in give spirit and pays their effort time and money to precious cause. Overall, it is secular festival and the parents and children usually talk about the Santa Clause and Rudolf.

123newyears.com tries to provide exact information on which day the Christmas will fall through their section given below. With our section, you will find the precise day of Christmas year wise. The chart shows the date of 4 to 5 years in arranged manner.

YearChristmas Day / Date
2023December 25, Sunday