When is The first day of Summer

First day of summer is a public holiday of northern hemisphere usually falls in June every year. The day signifies longest days of the year and also signifies as first day of summer season. The beginning time of summer depends on reaches of Sun to the farthest point north of equator. It falls usually on June 22 annually in North America depending on time zone.

The sun is straight above the head at its northern point on the first day of summer and producing more sunshine in the region of northern Hemisphere on this day. People enthusiastically welcome this day and enjoy beginning of summer. Every person likes the summer and the season full with luminous skies, sluggish days and trips to the beach. It is a time of year when the climate turns too warmth. Due to rise of temperature, the level of water in ponds, lakes and river go down. Alleviating bugs in the night of summer really brighten the sky.

People around the northern hemisphere region really enjoy the beginning of summer with lots of fervors and welcome the warmth season of the year. People usually make merry the first day of summer by organizing several of events such as parades, sports and entertainment etc. It is truly a best day to go to remote areas and enjoy the sunlight on the beach. 123newyears.com offers full information on when is the first day of summer here. This section assist you with the exact days, the dates of celebration will fall. You can find the dates for subsequent year along with current year in our section.

YearSummer begins on...
202121 June