When is Purim

Purim, a Jewish holiday, celebrated each year on the 14th Day of Hebrew month, usually falls in February and March. It is a celebration of liberation of Jews from the enemies. It is related to the story as how Queen Esther mounted up the Jews of Persia from extermination.

Purim is celebrated on the basis of Hebrew calendar in the month of Adar and also celebrated on 15th day on Adar month known as Shushan Purim. It is a festival of noisemaking, costumes, food baskets, hamantashen cookies, festive meal and carnivals and Purim also favorite holiday for entire Jewish cultures including all age groups.

Many of customs are famous amongst the Jewish people and observed also dedicatedly during Purim. The famous custom is reading the story of Purim from the spool of Esther that is dedicatedly attended by Jews for this special reading. Hearing a tale of Easter usually called Megillah is compulsory for both men and women. During the Megillah reading, Jews used to wear costume similar to characters from the Purim story. Dressing up like the Purim story characters depicts identification of Jewish. Just like other holidays, food also main part of Purim and people used to send basket filled with food and drink called as Mishloach Manot. Drinking on this Jewish holiday is a popular tradition.

As most sacred festival, it is also important to know that when is Purim and here we provides complete information on Purim as well as its accurate dates, the fifteenth day of celebration. You can find year by year date of this Jewish festival in this chart that help to know the dates in advance.

YearPurim Date
2023Wed, 16 Mar - 17 Mar