When is Mardi Gras

Popular cultural event of Christian, Mardi gras is holidays, celebrated in a number of countries around the world but in USA, it has different significance. It was started thousands of years back to pagan spring and productiveness rites. Mardi gras is celebrated on the day earlier than the spiritual time of Lent starts. New Orleans and other French regions started marking the carnival with street parties, wearing a veil balls and sumptuous dinners.

Louisiana is the only state celebrates the festival as legal holidays and complicated carnival represent thousands of masses in most parts of US during the festival season including Alabama and Mississippi. Each states of USA have its own cultures and traditions. However, Mardi Gras is observed also most parts of the world including of Brazil and Venice especially. The countries like Brazil, Venice and New Orleans host some of the most celebrated festivities and events, attracting thousands of tourists and revelers every year.

Many popular activities include wearing masks and costumes, knocking over social gatherings, dancing, sports rivalries, parades etc. On this day, people would like to enjoy several of delicious meal and indulge on meat, eggs, milk and cheese that available in their homes, preparing for many of weeks of eating only fish and fasting. Do you want to know about Mardi Gras and its holiday dates? 123newyears.com offers here complete list of year wise dates that help an individual to find the dates for particular year. Our when is mardi gras section helps you to discover exact dates of the years from 2024 to 2024.

YearMardi Gras Day / Date
20231 Mar, Tuesday