When is Presidents Day

Presidents Day, popularly observance for Washington's Birthday, is an annual significant day observed in the respect of George Washington, first president of US. The day had intended as third Monday of February month each year and two of greatest names George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were born in same month on 22nd Feb and 12th Feb respectively.

1968 was the year, the president's day was started but due to legal consideration, it was stopped but it was resurgence again in 1980s. As a federal holiday of US, entire, shops, government and private offices are closed on this day. All US states including of Washington observed the presidents day to give honor to founder of nation.

Presidents day become admired and widely celebrated festival observed on third Monday of February. Most communities celebrated the day in its original form as celebration of Washington and Lincoln. Parks around the states actually stage rebuilding and parades in the respect of both presidents as well as other main leaders who was devoted to the country. Several of activities as national park service traits many of famous sites and monuments to respect the lives of these two presidents along with other leaders of country. Such sites are really significant place for visiting.

Do you want to know when is presidents day? It is clearly provided by us that declared in the chart given below. In this chart, you will find actual dates of presidents day usually falls on third Monday of February. Here, you can also know the dates of celebration year wise from 2024 to 2024 simultaneously.

YearUS Presidents Day / Date
2023Monday, 21 February