When is Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the memory of Mexican army for their 1862 victory over France. The victory is related to the war between Mexico and France that was gone during 1861 to 1867. The success of Mexican army signified a substantial honorable boost for them and people of Mexico also. There are two main reasons related to Battle of Puebla.

First, the Mexican army got overcome on highly equipped French army and second, not any American country has attacked by any European military force. Cinco de Mayo is widely observed celebration of Mexico-American community in USA and greatly gone forward in Mexican cultures and inheritance. The attentiveness of holidays was hoisted by Chicano activists in 1960s with the motive of identifying the triumph of Mexicans over Europeans. Today, revelers marks as a holidays and known globally as Cinco de Mayo celebrated every year on May 5th.

It includes several of activities like pageants, gatherings, mariachi music shows, Mexican folk dance, street carnival and customary foods etc. The street fiesta is observed in the Mexican cities and especially in entire US cities. Numbers of other activities are held in the major cities of USA. The celebration has unique significance and people devotedly occupied in commemoration of Mexican Army.

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YearCinco de Mayo Day / Date
2023May 5th, Thursday