When is Veterans' Day

Veteran's day is an annual celebration of US that falls on November 11 each year. It is an occasion observed in the memory of those veterans who served for country in military, especially the person who lived. The commencement of day was firstly considered on 1918 and in 1938, it was declared as official holidays in USA.

Many parades and activities are arranged on veteran's day in US as well two minutes silent must held in churches. Several of church services are intended on this day to say thanks to veterans who have served for country. Most schools are closed during the day and also celebrated the day with special activities and assembly.

As national holidays of US, Veteran's Day is held on November 11 each year, fixed dates of celebration. There are many rules are followed by government offices as if the day falls on weekend, the government organizations are closed usually a day before and after. There are no restriction for schools and nongovernmental organizations, it is depends on their wishes to stay closed or open. It is a time to giving honor to veteran's member who served for country particularly in world war.

If you want to know when is veteran's day, we provide here complete chart that helps to know exact dates of celebration. You will be able to know the day, November 11 (Veteran's Day) falls. We also provide the dates year by year to help visitors to find the days of celebration for particular year. Get lots of information about Veteran's Day.

YearDay Veterans Day CelebratedDate of Veterans
2023FridayNovember 11