When is Mother Day in US

Mothers Day is a highly popular holidays of us, celebrated on second Sunday in May every year. The day has different significance and distinguishes the motherhoods and motherly relationships. However, the day is observed throughout the world relatively different and traditions are also different but enthusiasms are same.

Mother's day was firstly observed in 1908 after the movement of making it an official holiday. Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis, the revolutionary women, who had worked for starting the day now celebrated around the world. The day has become so popular generally distinguished about the mothers and mother figure's role. It also turns into much imperative occasion for trade in recent years, particularly for restaurants and production business and selling cards and gift items.

On the great day of mother's day, people used to present the gifts and cards to their mother and also create some extraordinary effort to visit her. The flowers, clothing, jewelry, chocolate, candy and treats are widespread gifts for this day and also popular amongst the people. Most families also organize outdoor activities for all members of family and enjoy the day with special meal at home or in a restaurant. Some tries to make handmade cards and small gifts for their mothers and present pleasingly on this day.

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YearMothers Day in USA
2023May 08