When is Kwanzaa

As a full week cultural and ethnic festival, Kwanzaa has celebrated in the US to respect African-American traditions and cultures, has started by the Maulana Karenga, professors of California State University. The festival is totally based on year-end crop festivals that have taken place right through Africa for thousands of years. It has observed every year on December 26th. The name Kwanzaa originates from Swahili saying Matunda ya Kwanza, which represents the first fruits of the harvest.

Each day of Kwanzaa week tributes a different opinion and these opinions are to creating strong, imaginative families and communities throughout Africa. On the day of celebration, people great each other by saying Habari Gani, which means what's the news. Families get together for this great banquet of Karamu on December 31st that may apprehend at home, church and society center etc.

Celebrants merriment several of delicious African dishes on this day such as sesame seeds, peanuts, sweet potatoes, collard greens and spicy sauces such ingredients comes from the Africa to US. Merriment of Kwanzaa is held mainly on the day of Karamu with the three colors such as red, black and green that was significant symbols of Africa in very old times. It has grown appreciation throughout the endeavors of Marcus Garvey's Black Nationalist activities. Every colors depicts different characteristics.

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YearKwanzaa Day / Date
2021Sunday, December 26