When is Earth Day

Earth day is a widely celebrated event that especially about environmental issues. It was firstly observed in 1970 and founded in same date by John McConnell intended to create a mass ecological movement. The day was mainly started as the day of education on the subject of environmental issues. However, it is a day celebration but sometimes, extended to seven days as earth week events mainly focused to aware people. Earth day was held on April 22 and now also celebrated on same day each year. Gaylord Nelson, a senator of US states during late 1960s, expected to carry ecological causes into nationalized attention because the responsiveness of public elevated regarding the air and water effluence.

Today, the network of earth day extended to big groups, which works together the organizations in 174 countries and 17,000 partners. Approximate one billion people around the world are taken part annually in the earth day activities that make it the major worldly public event in the world. It is urgent for all of us to fight for a clean environment because the reprisals of atmosphere change turn into more obvious every day.

Be the part of earth day celebration every year on April 22 to save the earth and help to mark many victories and achievement into the history. Celebrate the day to guide into building a clean, healthy, diverse world for next generations. Here, 123newyears.com offer the list of earth day dates that help to know when is earth day. With the help of our section, you will be able to find the exact day of celebration. Visit our portal to find more about earth day.

YearEquinox Earth Day (Northern Hemisphere)April 22 Earth Day Celebration
2023FridayApril 22