When is Fire Safety Week

Fire safety week is annually celebrated festival of US and Canada. The events happen during a week, in which October 9 falls that goes from Sunday to Saturday. Beginning of this event in both countries was occurred in different years. In United States, the first fire safety week was held in 1925 and in Canada, it is 1919.

It has designed to reduce the increasing sufferers and injuries from fires that put emphasis also on the people to take responsibility from fire safety in their homes. The event is hosted by fire departments of particular territory all through the week to focus on a variety of fire safety measures to help people of US and Canada protect themselves from fires. Fire safety week in Canada and US is declared by the governor general annually.

End of the week day event falls on Saturday that is announced as fire service recognition day to convey thanks to many public services provided by members of fire services in both countries. The fire departments organize ranges of educational fire safety activities during the fire safety week each October. Every year thousands of houses lost to fires in US and Canada. Families require information and guidance about how to keep them safe from fires.

Fire safety week is most important events to take participates for boost your skills regarding fires accidents and injuries. We provide here complete details on when is fire safety week. In our section you can find the dates about fire week that is normally held in October each year.