When is Election Day

Election day is a most important and popular day of USA. On this day, citizens involved in voting through the ballots to elect the public officials related to national, state and local government legislative body at all levels and presidential election also. It has observed on first Monday of November and usually falls on or between November 2 and 8. Election Day was firstly observed in 1845, when US congress decides a fix date for all national elections in entire US states. This is a day, when citizens of USA can vote for popular candidates for any public offices by popular ballot.

However, federal elections in the country are always held around the year. Presidential elections, the significant part of election day is held for all time every four years interval. But elections for public officials at the level of local, state and national generally falls every year, which are depending on local and state laws. As per the law, people can vote only in the states where they live. In most states of USA, people can vote by the post and all votes have to be collected on the fix date of election day. But in other state, people usually cast the vote by going voting booths.

Are you looking for complete information about election day in United States America? Here we provide full and exact details on when is election day that help to know the accurate dates of events year by year. However the day is fall generally on first Monday of November but what dates the first Monday fall, you can find in the chart given below.

YearElection Day / Date
2023Tuesday, 8th of November.